Tuesday, May 3, 2016

casino New Brunswick

We had such a fun time this weekend hanging out as a family! My brother got my parents tickets to see Alan Doyle for a Christmas present. Getting closer to the date, Kayla and I decided to tag along for the fun weekend because our Aunt Helen from Ontario would also be visiting at the same time. We arrived on Friday night and mom and dad dropped us off at Aunt Helen's hotel room. We watched some TV and caught up on a few things.

On Saturday morning, we had some breakfast and then went over to mom and dad's hotel at the Casino. We took a walk around and I went into a casino for the first time. It wasn't all that exciting because we don't gamble, but also because it's a very different atmosphere and I didn't enjoy it very much. No one looks very happy. The room is dark and there are no clocks, so you can't tell what time of day it is. I would much rather be outside all day playing and having fun than confining myself to a room like this one.

For most of the day we were out and about shopping. I found some super cute things and Kayla and I went to Cabela's Hunting store, which was really neat. We went to the dinner Buffett at the Casino around 5:00. The food was soo good! Mom & Dad got ready for their night "out". Kayla and I sneakily watched the "red carpet" and admired some of the pretty red dresses. The event and concert was in support of New Brunswick Heart and Stroke Foundation. While Mom & Dad partied ;), Kayla and I swam in the pool at their hotel before going back to our room with Aunt Helen (which was in a different hotel, across the street). Mom & Dad had a great time and they even got to chat with Alan Doyle!

On Sunday, we had the Brunch Buffett at the Casino. The food was really great, im just glad I didn't feel super full after. It was hard to not want to pile your plate with everything! After breakfast, Mom & Dad checked out of their room and we went to visit my grandfather's grave. It's been five years since he passed and I had never been. It was very nice to finally be there with my family. Then we went to see grandma at Monarch Hall and also had a quick visit with my great Aunt and Uncle that came from Dartmouth.

There was lots of laughing, smiles, shopping, eating, and driving this weekend and it was lots of fun. Thanks for a good time everyone. 

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