Monday, May 9, 2016

cinnamon rolls, census and celebrate

The last couple of weeks have been so much fun! I think it's so funny when people say "oh, I can't believe it is such and such time of year", but seriously I can't believe it is already May! I love this month so much! When I got home from Moncton last weekend I was craving (not pregnant!!) some cinnamon rolls! So it was like almost 9:00 pm and my cute husband helped me make some and we watched some shows. They turned out pretty amazing, just look at them! I posted the recipe here

I was also super excited to get the census in the mail one day. The census is such an important tool for caluculating data about our cities and our country! I loved completing the census one night after Haig had gone to bed. I stayed up late to get my body ready for my next night's night shift. I decided to fill it out. It was kind of repetitive. I think it must have asked me in 6 different ways what languages we spoke! We only speak English, and I think I put that I can speak French, but I would not confess to writing French anymore because those verbs though, I would be so lost. 
Anyways, Census information is important for the growth of our country and I love that!

I had some flowers left over from my floral arrangement last week and I made a small bouquet to take to young womens and give to Emma who turned 16 on May the 4th (be with you). Sixteen is such a great age. I loved turning 16 and I hope we made her night very special for her with an uplifting lesson, treats and flowers from yours truly. Happy Sweet 16 Emma!

Plans for this week: Work, Haig starts a spring course, get ready for our weekend road trip to Saint John! Is there anything we should do or see in the Sussex to Saint John area? Let me know!

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