Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Every week, we have an activity for young women's. Tonight, we don't have an activity with the girls because we will be having a movie night on Saturday. Once a month, we combine with the young men and have an activity together called "mutual".  Last week, we combined with the young men and had a service project and a chalk war/capture the flag. The service project was helping my dad clean up some of the mess in our back field from the fire a couple weeks ago. The youth did a great job of helping to clean up, and more than willing to get dirty in the process. After we were done cleaning up, the young men's President went to his car about brought out a big box of individual packets of colored chalk (the stuff from the color run and holi festival). The youth emptied some packets into a knee high stocking and started a game of capture the flag. They could use their stocking to whack the color onto people. It was so fun and cool to see. I know the youth had a lot of fun and I was very impressed with their willingness to serve.

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