Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Glen Afton Golf Course, 2016

Around this time last year, I accompanied my husband to Glen Afton Golf Course. This past weekend I ended up taking someone's shift on Saturday from 7-3. It was a really good shift and I was happy to get the extra hours, except it was so gorgeous outside. I was itching to get outside as soon as my shift was over. I texted Haig shortly before he came to get me and asked him what we were going to do in the afternoon. His emoji game was strong, he sent me the couple kissing with hearts and a sunshine and the golf icons! Hilarious. So we went to play golf.

Things have been a little challenging since Haig lost his job earlier this month, but things are going well too. We needed this afternoon more than anything. I love watching Haig golf. He really enjoys it and he golfs with such an intense focus. It has been really great to see his game improve in just a year. I think he wants me to start golfing pretty soon, but for now I am content to just watch and walk with him.


Helen said...

I never understood the point of golf, ruins a nice walk if you ask me, but than I was a crap player, couldn't hit the ball straight or very far.

Alyssa Pinsent said...

hahahha! I just like to walk! I think it's a sport of luck. Haig is still learning, but some days he plays REALLY well and other times not so much. Kind of like bowling in my mind!