Monday, June 13, 2016

Tuscan Stew & Michael's Biscuits

I am sharing some recipes today! It has been a little while since I shared some of my favorite things to eat, and last week it was a rainy and dark week and I really wanted to make this wonderful stew! We invited my parents over for dinner, and they were running late, so when they finally got to our apartment we started eating to quickly that I forgot to take pictures! So thank-you to Campbell's for this picture of the delicious stew.

The biscuits are one of my all time favorites! They are super easy to make (except I forgot to take a picture of these too...) I love making these biscuits as a dessert too! They are so yummy with strawberries and whip cream and also for as a breakfast biscuit. 

I know the summer months are not a great time for stew/soup, but I love this recipe, 
let me know if you try making it!

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