Friday, July 15, 2016


Last night I went to a sweet bridal shower for my friend Charmaine. She is marrying her sweetheart John next month. They are heading back to Alberta soon so I was happy we were able to do some celebrating here before their big day out west. We went to a lovely picnic at her family's home a couple weeks ago, but last night was all about the bride! I was so happy to see her getting gifts that she will use in her home as a new wife. Being a wife is so much fun! When I had my "church" bridal shower, I got the typical kitchen stuff, so I was a little disappointed when I didn't get anything to "wear", and I am not talking about anything scandalous, but I think every new wife needs to feel cute, comfy and of course a little sexy, So I got Charmaine a cute night dress and underwear and some of the reactions from the women at church were hilarious! The set I bought her was very tasteful, but from the looks on some of the faces it would seem like I bought her something VERY risqué Oh to be a young, fun wife. Charmaine, I hope you love being married as much as I do! I think you will because I know John has become your best friend, and that makes everything better in marriage!


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