Thursday, July 14, 2016


I LOVE Strawberry season on PEI. Picking strawberries this time of year is a long standing tradition for my family and I. We used to go to a place close to our house called the llama ranch and we would pick lots of strawberries to freeze during the winter months. My family loves making waffles so we usually freeze a couple of cups of sliced (about 3 cups) strawberries in a bag with about a 1/4 cup of sugar! So delicious and so easy. I really wanted to try making jam this year, but I just didn't have time for it this year because I am working a lot this week. So last Saturday mom and I picked a whole flat of strawberries and took them home to bag and freeze them. I went again yesterday and picked 6 more boxes to put in my freezer for the next couple of months.

Now I really want some waffles!

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Helen said...

Your crop of strawberries was better than we had here. The area had another drought so the berries didn't plump up before ripening.