Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The look that was chosen for "an ode to workout clothing" and the style inspiration was from
Looks for Lovelies.

I have a lot of workout clothing that is not being worn. The funny thing about this is I worked at Reebok for three years so I always got really good deals on workout tops, bottoms and sneakers and because my sister still works near the store she knows when there are good deals on for me to go in.

I may be the only one to admit this in the series, but I do not work out,as in go to the gym. I do however love to go on walks, run, swim and dance every once in awhile. My job as a caregiver at a seniors' home can be quite the workout most days! I have always been happy with my physique but I do know that it is very important to have an active lifestyle. Right now my favorite way to "work out" is going on a walking adventure with Haig. We recently found a new cool place to walk, I hope we can get back to it soon!

Please don't mind my really really bad iphone pictures for this month's post. We have been super busy and my go-to photographer (sister) has been away and working a lot. My husband did a pretty good job dealing with my foolish ways this time around. My arm looks soo weird in that stretching pose..

I have also decided this post should be called "when was the last time I actually went to the gym?" Also, does anyone else remember when lululemon was pretty much the most beloved yoga pant on the planet...

Top: Reebok
Capri Pants: Lululemon
Shoes: Reebok
Sports Bra (not shown): Joe Fresh

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Ruth Maldonado said...

Love your pink shirt! And your arm doesn't look weird! I don't know if anyone would look super normal working out! Haha!

Riley Justesen said...

Okay, I had to laugh that you thought you were the only one to admit they don't work out because I felt the same way typing up my blog post but it turns out that as i'm looking at the other posts, lots of other women feel the same! Too funny! haha!

Madeline said...

Love it! I never go to the gym either... It's fine! We find other ways to work out :)

Monica Packer said...

Pink looks great on you!

Justine Y @ Little Dove said...

I feel like I'm really missing out on the Lululemon craze, I have yet to experience their pants but I hear they're amazing! Love the pink top on you!

Erica Jenkins said...

simple and adorable outfit!! Haven't been to the gym since I was in highschool, LOL! I'm more of a at home, only my kids watch me jump around/work out now. You look awesome!!

Kiana Probst said...

I don't work out at a gym either! I love working out at home and outside! No need in spending money on a gym membership!

Sierra Charlesworth said...

Saying hi from a fellow HWWI blogger :)! I love the link top!! I go to the gym, but I LOVE to workout outside as well. That's way more enjoyable for me at times.