Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cliff Family Reunion

On Monday, Haig started work at his new job so I got to hang out with Rachel and Kent for most of the day! I showed them around town and we did some shopping. I wish we lived closer to this super cool couple because I'm sure we would hang out all the time! When Haig was off work we put some stuff together to head out to Cavendish. We were so busy, hot and sweaty that we decided to skip waiting for the rest of the family to meet us in Charlottetown and go to the beach instead. We didn't get to Brackley beach until maybe 5:00, but it was perfect weather to take a dip in the ocean after a long hot day! Kent, I'm sorry I have to bring this up but I can't believe it was your first time swimming at a beach! I don't know what I would do without the beach in my life, it's part of who I am.

We got changed at the park and headed out to the cottages in Cavendish where most of the Cliff family greeted us. It was so great to meet new faces and people that my husband admires. We got some dinner ready the first night and mingled. Aunt Sally have Granny a beautiful t-shirt quilt that she had made especially for her! It was really cool to see the shirts that everyone sent to represent themselves. I sent a PEI diet shirt and Haig sent an East Coast Lifestyle t-shirt.

On Tuesday, Haig and I both had to work all day. When we got off work we went home to get changed and went out to the cottages. Tuesday night we had 40s Era night and also an unbirthday party! The night was lot of fun and we also had a really nice bonfire! My sister even came out on Tuesday night to see the craziness that we were up to! 

On Wednesday I was off work, but Haig still had to work for the next two days. I decided I would stay in town and wait for him to be off work instead of spending the whole day out there. I needed to do some grocery shopping and some cleaning around the house. I also took a nap and watched a show. When I picked Haig up from work, we decided to take our time getting ready because some of the family was still doing some things in town. We were also staying for the next two nights so we had some packing to do. On Wednesday night we had a fun bonfire and got to know each other a little more. Haig and I slept in the same cabin as Granny and Uncle Richard in our own room. Haig was not impressed with the double, uncomfortable bed, but hey it was only for two nights!

When we woke up on Thursday morning, Haig got ready to go in town for work and I got ready to spend the day with family. The weather looked somewhat unpredictable, but it ended up being gorgeous all day long! We started our day by going to The Toy Factory and then the Preserve Company. I bought two pieces of coconut cream pie from the restaurant to share with my husband later. When we got back to the cabins we made some lunch and made plans to go to shining waters in the afternoon. I was having a really hard time deciding if I wanted to go or not. I felt really bad that Haig was at work on this gorgeous day and that I was spending time with his family doing fun things. I missed him a lot. After some support and encouragement from mom, I went and put my bathing suit on and everyone else got ready to go. It was a really nice afternoon and I am glad that I at least tried to enjoy it as much as I could. I was so happy to see my husband when we got home to the cabins. He had been there for a little while so he took a swim with some of the cousins. In the evening after supper we took our family pictures at Cavendish Beach.

Friday morning was kind of a blur, saying goodbye to family and helping our family get ready packed and ready to go. Our family would still be spending the next week together and I was sad we would not be with them. We helped them as much as we could and we made our way back into town around 11:00. We stopped at my parent's house to go to a Canada Day BBQ with them, and then we headed home so I could get ready to go to work.

WHAT A FUN (and busy) WEEK IT WAS. I am so glad that I could meet all of these lovely people celebrating Granny's 70th Birthday. I hope we can all be together again someday.

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