Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kayla and Keaton

Just a little shout out to KAYLA & KEATON. Long story short: Kayla and Keaton met last summer in Newfoundland. Started talking again this past April when Keaton moved back home to Alberta. They like a lot of the same things like Star Wars, family, friends, the gospel, the Maritimes and adventures! When they started talking a lot more in the spring, they realized they liked each other! Kayla recently went on a trip out to Edmonton to see Keaton and meet his family. Keaton will be coming to PEI next month to see Kayla and to meet our awesome family! I have been able to see such a sweet, new and loving side to my sister. She is making some great decisions in her life at this time to grow, learn and also fall in love. I can't wait to meet Keaton and maybe go on a double date to play Pokemon Go, and probably eat some food too, and maybe watch Star Wars. 

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