Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Young Women at the Beach

Last week for our young women's activity, Tracy, Paige, Erin and I went to get some ice cream and go for a walk on the beach. Emma and Ellie are gone to Utah for summer vacation, we missed them but the four of us had a nice time! Paige has got eye when it comes to photography. She has been taking lots of pictures recently so I was happy to see that she brought her camera on this outing to take some. The sky was so beautiful and we all found some neat things on the beach. Thanks for these wonderful pictures Paige, I am so glad someone is doing such a good job of documenting summer, because I am not doing so great!

Photos by Paige Biggley at Stanhope Beach, National Park PEI

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Helen said...

I miss walking on the beach, maybe next summer.