Sunday, July 24, 2016

our little one

This pregnancy has been so interesting for me this far. We were trying to have a baby, and obviously the timing was right because it didn't take us very long. The first couple of weeks were filled with worry and anxiety. I was not as sick as I thought I would be, which also worried me because I didn't think my body was doing what it was suppose to be doing. We had an early ultrasound because I was very convinced that nothing was happening inside of me, but there was life. We have heard the heartbeat twice now and it is the neatest sound I have ever heard. I have really learned that pregnancy is so different for every woman. It is a unique and sacred experience for each of us. I have a baby inside of me and that is pretty amazing. We are so excited to be parents to this little one. I was still nervous about posting, although I am 15 weeks along now, due January 11th 2017, I still do worry something might go wrong. I try and remain strong and positive. If something did happen, now I have a strong network of friends, family and loved ones to support us. I have received so much strength from the good wishes and excitement of sharing it on social media. I hope that the rest of the journey will be just as exciting for everyone involved, especially for my husband and I as we begin to plan and prepare for this new little one to come into our lives. I love you our sweet baby Pinsent.

Any ideas of baby hashtags would be appreciated (hahahha)

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