Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokemon GO

So, we jumped on the bandwagon with the new game Pokemon GO. Haig really wanted to get it before it was legal in Canada but I kept asking him to just wait a couple more days, and soon enough it was out! He picked me up late at work one night and I asked him to bring me some clothes to change into and we went on our first walk to catch some Pokemon! It is a really fun game. Haig really enjoys the nostalgic feeling he gets when he plays it. It really brings back his childhood for him of collecting cards and playing in battles. I only had the game for a couple of days because my phone battery is draining pretty fast these days, I think I will be needing a new phone pretty soon, at least before baby comes along. We have been on a couple more walks with friends and we still enjoy it a lot. Well, I enjoy the walking and Haig enjoys playing. I don't know how long it will be until it starts to phase out, but for now we will enjoy it!


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