Saturday, August 6, 2016

Craving Grace


I stumbled upon this post a couple days ago on Pinterest. I was blown away by how it matched most of the feelings that I had during my first trimester of pregnancy, and even some of the feelings I am still having right now. I did not experience the same pregnancy symptoms as this woman, but I can relate with her feelings about searching for peace, comfort and reassurance during an emotional and uncertain course.

His Grace is enough for me at this time. Knowing that I am a daughter of God strengthens me at this time. My Heavenly Father trusts me with this sweet spirit. I can find peace in knowing that he is there to listen to each of my concerns and each of my joys.

Today I am about 17 weeks pregnant (17 weeks on August 3rd, based on my period. 17 weeks on August 8th based on my first ultrasound in June). I am still so worried about some things. Most people are either telling me I am starting to show OR that I don't look very big yet. I am not sure how I am feeling about most of these remarks. Pregnancy is so different for all women, it can be very easy to compare one pregnancy to another based on looks, feelings or what might be happening inside. I hope and pray each day that our baby is healthy, strong and growing. So please, just be careful with what you say around me and anyone else who is pregnant, because it can be really hard.

The next couple of months should be exciting though. With Haig starting school again soon and the summer days coming to an end, I am looking forward to the fall and early winter, times of change and beautiful things to come.

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