Monday, August 22, 2016

not finding out the gender !!!

We got our ultrasound letter in the mail today, although we've known about our appointment for this Thursday morning for the past two weeks. My friend was having some problems getting her appointment set up so I decided I would call the hospital and make sure mine was all set up. It's a really good thing that I did too because 4 days would not have been enough time to plan to have it off work. I'm super grateful for our supportive work supervisors at this time who are able to make schedules to accommodate for everyone! So in the letter that came in the mail today there is a consent form that we would need to sign if we wanted to find out the gender of our baby. We are not signing the consent form, we are waiting for delivery to know it baby Pinsent is a BOY or a GIRL! It has been such a tough decision and it will make things a little harder to plan and prepare for baby but I am really looking forward to the surprise! A lot of people have been really excited for us with this decision, a sales associate at a baby store told me she was very proud of me. Thanks lady, you are great!

For now we are going to paint and furnish our gender neutral nursery and buy lots of cream, yellow, grey, mint and white! So excited to be pregnant with baby Pinsent #1.

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Helen said...

There a lot of gender neutral things and colours that you can still get; really really cute stuff. Anything with baby animals, for example.