Tuesday, August 9, 2016


we've been thinking about getting a new computer for a little while now. Yesterday, Haig and I both had the day off work . I thought we would go out to the beach or spend the day out of town, but we ended up being busy in the morning going to look at crib we found on kijiji (turned out to be pretty junky), and then we went shopping in the afternoon for some new pants for Haig and also for a feeding seat that was on sale at Babies R Us. Haig wanted to have a quick look in Best Buy which was next door. Soon enough we were chatting with my brother who works there, and then we were on our way home to get gift cards we got last year for Christmas to buy a new computer! It all happened so fast, but it's good for us to have it now when we can afford it and keep saving for baby, because they won't be here for a couple more months! We've decided that we can't have the same day off work again because we usually end up doing crazy things like this. I think I will keep using our laptop for a little while and let Haig enjoy playing around on his new toy!

we bought an asus desktop & acer 27" monitor for any computer friends who might be interested!


Helen said...

There are certainly worse things you could have spent money on. Computers are almost a necessity now for banking and study so not a bad investment.

ms.composure said...

I have been dying to buy a new computer!!!
It is just so hard for me to choose!