Wednesday, September 28, 2016


you guys. I was looking for a new pair of shoes for this season and I debated buying myself a new pair of converse. I have always liked converse but right now I am still unsure of what color to buy. So one day, Haig and I were in Old Navy looking for some work pants for him, and I went around to look at the clearance while he was trying on pants. I was hoping to find a pair of sandals on sale to put away for next summer because most of mine are falling apart. The sandals were still a little too pricey for the end of season. Then, I saw these bad girls here and I fell in love with the sweet color. They are a half size too big but the little orange sticker that said $1.47 was enough for me. I bought some low rise socks a couple days later and I have been trying to be very careful each time I wear them as to not get them dirty. This color pink is my favorite color pink.