Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18th

so much for my whole, I'm going to blog soo much more this month (lol). Seems it happens way more than it should. This month is just about flying by but we are loving every minute over it, the good and the bad ones. Haig went back to school and he is adjusting well. The first couple of weeks can be pretty chill, but I am sure it will be busy for him soon enough. Work is going well for me too and people keep asking when I will be finishing, it still feels like I could work for so long but I also don't want to put myself at risk in my line of work, so we will see what happens I guess.

We had a great Dr.'s appointment early last week and found out that our baby's serum testing came back negative and that baby looked wonderful from both the ultrasounds that we had. Great news to hear for my anxious little soul. I still wake up most mornings and wonder where my belly is, and then it pops right back out again. My belly button is starting to stick out just a little bit more as the day goes on, bring on an outie belly button I guess!

This weekend, our church ward hosted a large youth event so I was able to help out a lot with that. On Friday night there was a 50s theme dance and on Saturday there was some lessons and the youth also went to the beach in the afternoon. I stayed at the church after lunch to help clean up, and I felt really good to be there and help out with getting the chapel ready for our church meetings for today. Our dad, Luke and Emma came back into town to spend a little more time with us before heading home which was a nice treat.

Haig and I made some pizza and salad for supper before enjoying a nice evening. We went to the golf course down the street and Haig played on the practice green for a little while, then we went over to Value Village because I am always looking for more baby things. When we came home we settled into our usual nightly routine of a snack and our current show on Netflix (how I met your mother) while getting two loads of laundry done. When dad came over for the weekend he brought over the stuff we ordered from IKEA, including our crib for baby and a new duvet for us. We found a cover the other night at Homesense and we really liked our first night sleeping with this new comfortable blanket!

Today was a nice Sunday as usual. I am so glad neither of us had to work today. I did however have to speak in church, and although I do not really love getting up in front of everyone to talk, I really did learn a lot from my topic of learning how to nurture and care for others. I know I need to apply it in my life. If I spent less time worrying about myself and my own concerns, and more time being concerned about others and learning about what I could do for them I am sure I could be a lot happier about many things. I sang a beautiful song with the Young Women and my presidency and had great lessons. We are heading to my parents house soon for dinner with them and some old friends that are in town for a visit.

I like these fun weekends that we have, especially the ones when I'm not working. A couple people have told me to take advantage of all this time we have before baby gets here, but I am not really sure what to think of that. I am so looking forward to having baby here even if tending to them takes up the majority of my time. This week is another busy one of work and getting things ready. I am glad I have a happy husband by my side to keep my smiling no matter what comes our way and that I am learning more each day to make me a better wife and mother.

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