Sunday, September 11, 2016

working for the weekend

This weekend was kind of sucky. On Friday, I worked from 7am-3pm and Haig worked from 3pm-8pm. On Saturday, Haig worked from 10am-3pm and I worked from 3pm-10pm. Talk about our schedules clashing right? Sunday morning we had a nice morning getting ready for church, we made some pancakes and left the house a few minutes later than usual. We had a nice sabbath morning with our church friends and family. I went to work from 3pm-10pm and Haig stayed home to relax and enjoy his Sunday!

This week is our first full week of school and work this semester. I am hopeful that all things will go well. We have an appointment later this week to have some work done on our car. We hope that everything will go well, even though I'm already thinking it could be expensive to fix some problems the car is having. Great timing with Haig going back to shook and all, but we will get it all sorted out. Sometimes it is challenging to only have one car, but we always seem to work things out. Haig is really good about walking to my work to pick up the car or taking the bus to school or work. 

I have made a goal for this week to find more ways to be grateful. I hope I can find some way to document it this week and maybe even buy a new journal to write down some thoughts on gratitude. 

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