Monday, October 3, 2016

the focus of our lives

After General Conference yesterday, a lot of people started posting their favorite quotes and talk references on social media, especially Instagram. I saw the quote from this talk in a lot of people's pictures of them with family, friends or just by themselves. It really is a good one to remember.

The joy I can feel in my life comes from the love I have for my family members, especially my husband. We have chosen to make and keep sacred temple ordinances and covenants because we know Heavenly Father's plan for us and we love His gospel. Sometimes, things don't always go as planned in our lives. We have learned that one too many times, but we are still joyful because we know if we keep Him as the focus in our lives, that everything will be okay. 

Another thing I noticed about this General Conference was a number of speakers that talked about doubt and those individuals who are leaving the church because of unbelief or their testimony has become too weak to carry on. The question was asked "where will you go to?" to feel the joy of the gospel, to make and keep sacred covenants, to be with your family forever? In my short lifetime, I have seen many people walk away from the church, and I still see it today. I want them to know that if they feel like their faith is unsure, there is help and there is a way to come back. 

I really hope I can remember the words that I heard this weekend of General Conference because next conference (April 2017) I will probably be busy with my little one to take the time to really listen and make notes from our leaders' talks. I am so excited that within the next six months, I will be a mom and have another focus in my life.


Helen said...

I guess leaving a church is a personal issue. I've walked away from organized religion but it doesn't mean I've walked away from God.

Alyssa Pinsent said...

Helen, I agree with you that people can still walk away from an organized religion and still keep their own testimony of faith strong, but what the leaders spoke about at this conference are people that are doubting the doctrine and walking away from a church that is full of support and strength. Personally, if I was having any doubts about my gospel, walking away from this network of friends, community, values and traditions would be really hard for me to do.