Monday, November 7, 2016

Katrina, Sandi, Freya, Stacey

My first week of November was absolutely wonderful, because I got to see a couple of lovely people. 

On Wednesday, I visited with my friend Katrina who let me go through her old maternity clothing and borrow some for the rest of my pregnancy. I had a nice time chatting with her. She is a busy mom to two sweet girls and she runs a small business making headbands, baby bibs and so much more. She is also married to our good friend David. We like to hang out with them but we rarely get the chance to with our busy schedules. I am glad I could see Katrina for a little bit on this particular day because I really needed some girl time and I am sure she did too.

On Thursday, I went out to Covehead to visit with my cousin's wife Sandi and their new baby girl Freya. Talking to Sandi was great because she told me a lot about Freya's birth and also what it has been like for them now at home. Freya was so sweet and full of smiles for me. Sandi said that she is usually a little nervous around new people, but she seemed really happy around me. Sandi is studying to be a doctor so I was glad I could ask her some questions about labor and delivery from her medical profession experience and background. I hope we will hang out more and get to know each other better over the next few months.

And finally, on Friday, I went to see my good friend Stacey who is in the hospital. Stacey is 33 weeks pregnant and her water broke earlier that week. Baby Trainor is doing okay and she will hopefully be going home soon but stay on bed rest until baby decides he's on his way! Stacey is so strong to be going through this right now. Although she seemed disappointed with how the situation has turned out for her and her baby, she is optimistic and hopeful that everything is going to be okay! She is a super woman. I hope that we will also be spending lots of time together in the coming months, lots of play dates with our sweet little babies!
Anyways, I just really enjoyed seeing these women last week. I really needed to catch up with them and step outside my own little personal bubble for a couple of hours. I know I will need times like this in the coming weeks and months more than I ever did before. They probably don't really understand how much I enjoyed being with them and getting to know them better. Thanks ladies <3

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