Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Late last week, someone told me that I needed to legally change my last name to Pinsent in order to have my Employment Insurance Benefits all work out for my maternity leave. I got all the paperwork together on the weekend and yesterday morning I took a trip into Service Canada to fill out a form to legally change the name on my Social Insurance Card.

I've had my name changed on my Drivers' License, Banking Information, Credit Cards, Health Card and some other things for a little while now, but I just put the SIN card on the back burner for awhile, knowing that I would have to change it eventually for a new passport. It felt so cool to legally change my name to Alyssa Marie Pinsent. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is pretty awesome to officially have the same last name as my husband for work and employment purposes and on a new passport in a couple of months!

You can call me Mrs. Pinsent, Forever!


Helen said...

An officer I know in the UK married a woman from Norway. His last name was McLean, hers was Gillstrom, now they are both Gillstrom-McLean. That would be the only way I would change my name but most men still don't want to do it.

Helen said...

I wouldn't think that's true about your EI benefits, there's no legal requirement to change your name, in Quebec they don't and even an unmarried woman who has a child is entitled to those benefits.