Monday, November 14, 2016

weekend with mom in Moncton

This past weekend I was able to go to Moncton for a few days with my mom! We would also be visiting with my Grandma who lives in a nursing home and my Aunt Juanita and Uncle Joe that were on vacation from Ottawa. Mom and I left Friday afternoon and we came home Sunday evening. We had such a great weekend and I am grateful to my mom for driving me around like she was a taxi. We did some shopping for me and baby at motherhood maternity and Costco. I am impressed that I have made it this long without buying a lot of maternity clothing. I found a nice pair of leggings on sale and also two pretty tops at motherhood. I picked up a big box of wipes at Costco and also some lunch snacks, a baby sleeper and Epsom salts (for a baby shower favor). We were also very fortunate to have stayed with my Uncle Joe's parents Ross & Marie, they were so good to us! Grandma was okay this trip. We visited with her for about two hours on Saturday and she didn't say a word to any of us. She did enjoy drinking chocolate milk and being fed some of a muffin, and she also really enjoyed holding and rubbing my hand after we took some pictures with her. On Sunday, she only talked when she said "yes" to having a piece of a chocolate bar. She is such a sweet and lovely soul. I wondered if she knew I was pregnant, even after being told by my mom and aunt. When she held my hand for a little while, I tried my best to rest it on my belly to see if the baby would kick for her (the hand that she still has feeling in). I am not sure if she did feel anything or not, but I just hope she knows. This will be her fourth great grand-child. Adrian (cousin Jessica) is the oldest, he's 4 and Thexan (cousin Amber) and Emma (cousin Caitlin) were born this past summer. We organized Grandma's room and I also printed off some new pictures for one of her family frames. When I got home on Sunday evening I hung out with Haig and also my brother in law Luke who came to visit for the weekend while I was away. I am glad he was here to spend some time with Haig and keep him company. I won't be back over to Moncton until the spring but I am glad I could get over to see my family this time around.

I look absolutely huge in this picture, but it is almost 4 generations!!!

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