Wednesday, December 14, 2016

All Moms Deserve a Postpartum Babymoon

This may not be what you think. No we are not going on a tropical vacation once baby is born, quite the opposite actually. I have been a little anxious lately thinking about what the first few weeks at home will be like. I am already feeling a sense of loneliness with Haig going back to school and work during those first few weeks. I worry about people dropping by without notice to "be helpful", when really I just want some alone time to bond with my new baby. I hope people will be considerate of our wishes and let us know when they would like to visit. If it's not a good time, I will tell them for sure. I need to be comfortable getting to know my own baby in my own home without lots of guests around. We are more than happy to have people over to meet our new baby, but with some notice.

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