Monday, January 16, 2017


This year I would like to keep some of these quotes and mantras in my head. 2016 was a pretty fantastic year but I did have my struggles. I think one of my biggest challenges in the past year was comparison. I am sure that I have talked about it before but I do find it hard to look at other people's lives, especially on social media and find things to compare. I really hope to do less comparing in 2017 because my life is pretty darn amazing and no "popular" feed Instagram photo should impact that. As I sit here right now typing this, with my little son in my lap, I know that this year will be wonderful, as long as I can embrace myself and this new purpose I have, as long as I can continue to be happy with what I have and who I have in my life and as long as I can continue to trust in my Heavenly Father and trust in my faith that things will work out how they are suppose to.

Happy 2017 (although I am a couple weeks late!!!)

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