Friday, May 26, 2017


Mom and I made it to Calgary around lunch time on Monday, which happened to be Victoria Day and also my 25th Birthday! We met up with Dana, who is the owner of Little Chief Covers to chat with her about the amazing product and give her some feedback. I fed the baby before we got back on the road to head to the south east to meet up with 3 of my sister-in-laws for the afternoon. When we arrived at Katherine's we still had to get ready to go to the Lake with our families. Rachel and Kent showed up from running some errands and Eric brought Emma home from work. We made our way to Lake Bonavista around 3:00. It was a nice, sunny afternoon. The gals bought me a beach towel blanket and we had some doughnuts as a birthday treat. We went back to Katherine's house later in the evening and Kent, Rachel, Emma and Jack got ready to leave for Cardston. We took some pictures of the kids before they left.

On Tuesday, mom, Amber and I (and the babies) went to Bow Valley Provincial Park where my aunt was camping. We took a little walk around and sat around a camp fire. Amber and Thexan stayed there to spend some time with her mom and my mom and I left for Banff National Park. I was pretty excited to go to Banff but next time I will try and spend more time there finding all of the cool places to take pictures. We met up with my best friend Jocelyn for lunch and then her and her boyfriend Dan showed us around the Fairmont Springs Hotel. It was really nice. There's even a room that looks like its from the Harry Potter movies. It was very nice! Mom and I made a stop in Canmore on the way home to pick up some food and then we were on the road back to Airdrie for the night.

Wednesday was our last day in town. My cousins Amber and Caitlin came over for lunch with their two babies, Thexan and Emma. It was nice to catch up with them both and their new little ones. Later in the messy messy afternoon, snow and rain, mom and I made our way into the north west to meet up with Laura and her two little girls for supper at Costa Vida. It was a delicious meal and I am so glad for every opportunity I get to see Laura. She is such an inspiring person, always overcoming challenging obstacles and she is a wonderful mother and friend. Mom and I left the next morning around 8:00 a.m. I liked Alberta a lot more this trip than I did on my trip two years. I'm not sure what changed but I liked that I was there for a bit longer and had more freedom to do some stuff I wanted to do. I am also so glad my mom could come with us and that my baby did SUCH a good job traveling for one whole week on the other side of the country. Haig Arthur you are a superstar!

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