Thursday, May 25, 2017


We left Charlottetown on Thursday evening, May 18th. We flew to Toronto and had a short layover, just enough time to give the baby a bottle and grab some Tim Hortons to eat. We arrived in Edmonton after a short delay around 1:00 a.m. It was a late night for sure. My aunt Annette picked us up at the airport and we stayed with her niece for the night in Beaumont. In the morning, mom and I drove to Sherwood Park to Jackie and Eldon Gibb's house. We relaxed in the afternoon and also helped out with some wedding reception preparations. We saw Kayla and Keaton later that evening when they got home from their Florida honeymoon!

On Saturday morning we went to help out with some wedding reception decorating but there was lots of people there to help out, so mom, Kayla and I took a trip to the West Edmonton Mall. Kayla showed us around, we got some lunch at New York Fries and we walked around Galaxyland. The mall was a little overwhelming, but it was cool to see. I probably wouldn't shop there very often if I lived in town. There are lots of other malls and stores around to find what you are looking for. From the mall we went home to get ready for the wedding reception. I was pretty nervous about the baby going to the reception but he ended up sleeping the whole time!

The reception was so sweet. It was so much fun to celebrate two great couples at once! Caitlin and Austen and Kayla and Keaton were shown so much love all evening. The Gibb sibilings and their spouses sang a cute song for the happy couples and Austen and Keaton also sang a song to their new brides. I got to see one of my best friends Charmaine and I also ate delicious tacos with all the fixings and mint chocolate cake and ice cream. 

On Sunday we went to church in Sherwood Park with the Gibbs. After sacrament meeting (1st hour block) we went to another two meetinghouses to look for my friend Jared. We unfortunately didn't find him but that was alright. We went to see the Edmonton Alberta temple before we went home for the afternoon. I had a nap with the baby once we got home and then lots of family came over for dinner. On Monday morning mom and I got up pretty early to drive to Calgary!

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