Thursday, May 11, 2017


We bought our family a new to us car last week before we had to go over to Nova Scotia for my sister's wedding. The idea to buy a newer car came to us fast at the end of April when we decided we didn't want to put more money into our corolla to keep it up and running and to pass inspection at the end of May. We started looking at a couple dealerships here in Charlottetown and we also made a day trip to Summerside on Haig's day off work to check out a car there, but sadly it was out with a family who were considering buying it. We were a little disappointing after that experience but then again, we knew that because it wasn't there maybe it wasn't the car for us. Early in the week we made a few more trips and I told Haig that if he needed to buy a car while I was away on my trip to Alberta I would be okay with his decision. We went over out "list" again and talked about what we could afford. We walked onto the centennial car lot on Sherwood Road and there it was. The price was right and we took it for a test drive to visit Kayla and Keaton at my parents house. We tried our second stage car seat in it and we went back and we said "SOLD". We had to go back the next morning to work out all the details and luckily we got everything on the insurance just in time to go to Halifax for the Gibb Wedding. I love our 'new-to-us" 2011 Honda CR-V. I feel so grateful to have a more reliable vehicle for our little family.

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