Saturday, May 13, 2017


ON FRIDAY MAY 12th 2017

What a lovely day for a wedding. I loved being able to help my sister out with this special day. It was so nice to celebrate with our friends and our new family. The Gibb family is so wonderful. The day started out with getting ready at my in-laws house. Megan stayed with us for the night and Kayla, Amanda, Adam and Princess Kinsley joined us early in the morning. We had some breakfast snacks and started to do our hair and make-up. My sister-in-law Victoria came over to help the bride get ready first and my mother-in-law did her hair. I was so grateful for their help. Kayla's mother-in-law Jackie and one of her sister-in-laws Kenzie showed up later on to see her finish getting ready. She looked so lovely in her very white wedding dress. 

Once Kayla left to meet Keaton for their "first look" the rest of us finished getting ready and we met the rest of the wedding group at the temple around 12:30. Megan and my Granny were so sweet to watch out little boy for us while we went to see their sealing in the temple. Kayla and Keaton were really lucky because the temple opened their doors especially for them early on that Friday noon time. Their sealing was so sweet. I felt an overwhelming love for my sister and her eternal companion. I will say it here although I find it a little too personal to share, but I never knew how much I wanted to see my sister be sealed for time and all eternity until I actually saw it happening. Keaton is a twin, and I was not surprised that we were both very emotional during their sealing. Kayla is practically my twin with an age difference. Mom and I helped Kayla change in the bride's room after the sealing and then we watched as they came out the temple doors as husband and wife. 

There were lots of pictures to be taken and that made for a bit of a long afternoon. My baby slept a lot but also had a diaper blow-out and had to be fed during pictures. Just wondering if anyone else has breastfed their baby in the temple before (waiting room), because I had to.. Once we were finished taking pictures we made our way to the restaurant where we were having supper. I enjoyed having my mom's side of the family there too although we didn't get to spend a lot of time with them it was so good to see everyone together celebrating. After the supper, Haig and Megan and I went back to the Pinsents' to get the car packed up and head home. It was a good trip and I am glad that we had Megan with us because she would be moving in just a few days.

Next Day: The Reception

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