Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sunday Pictures

Sunday was another nice day. It was my first mothers' day but it was also a day to say goodbye to some sweet friends and my sister and new brother-in-law (but just for a few days). I don't even know where to begin with this sweet lady right. Megan Smith is one of a kind, genuine and the best friend I girl could ever have. She is smart, witty and oh so sweet. When Megan moved here while we were both in the youth program I could not have imagined what kind of impact she would have in my life. She went to New Brunswick for school and during that time went though so much, including the loss of her mother. She however persisted though challenging situations and always exemplified dedication, commitment and compassion. This week she moved back to her home-state of Florida. I will miss her a lot but like she said to me during our good-byes on Sunday evening, this is not the end for us. Although both of us suck with keeping in touch, I will never forget this girl and the example she has been to me.

We said good-bye to Keaton and Kayla for just a few days while they go on their honeymoon to Florida. Mom and I will travel to Alberta this evening for one whole week! We fly into Edmonton and we will be able to attend the Gibb-twin-reception in Sherwood Park on Saturday night. On Monday, we will leave Edmonton to spend a few days in Calgary with my sister-in-laws and their families and also some other friends we have on the west coast. In our last brick picture with Kayla and Keaton, there was a little baby in my belly and now there is a big 5 month old and time is going by way too fast!! One last shout-out to my parents (sorry no picture with dad) for dealing with this crew of us. I know my parents will miss Megan a lot too and they have done so much to make this weekend happen for Kayla and Keaton, and they do so much for my little family on a daily basis!

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