Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flying Haig

okay where did my baby go? He looks HUGE in this picture. Obviously he didn't care about having his picture taken after church. 
He just wanted to go inside and have some booby for lunch. Nursing has been going so well. I love this new nursing dress from pinkblush !

Family selfies are hard these days. Maybe they will get easier when the little guy can sit up on his own. 
Or maybe that will make things harder once he is on the move. He looks so unimpressed! 
Get this camera out of my face you guys! 

Okay, now there is a happy boy, and a happy dad too. Haig Arthur loves being thrown up in the air. His new hashtag is #flyinghaig 

One of Haig's cousin's said this reminded her of her Uncle Haig throwing babies up in the air. Just keeping up with tradition.

Oh he just loves his daddy so much and looking relieved to be all finished with pictures for another day! 

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