Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Moncton Zoo & Confederation Bridge

On our way home from our weekend in Nova Scotia, we stopped in Moncton for the night and to do some fun things the next day. We stayed with our good friends Lynn and Mike Manley. It was so hot when we arrived in Moncton on Sunday evening. We got our things settled and went back out for some ice cream. I was very grateful for our CR-V because I don't think we would have survived the trip without air conditioning. I am also thankful to the Manley's for putting us in one of their spare rooms in the basement because it was so much cooler downstairs. Once we got the baby to bed, I took a shower so we could get up early the next day... just kidding we slept in late! We got our stuff together and had some breakfast before getting out the door. 

Our first stop on Monday morning was Magnetic Hill Zoo. It was Haig's first time at this zoo, and of course baby Haig's first time at a zoo too ;) We didn't actually stay at the zoo for very long. We walked around once and then the baby was ready for a nap. We looked around a little bit more before the noon-time sun starting to feel pretty warm and then we left. Our next stop was at Cabela's. I think we had intentions on getting some camping gear, but we decided not to because we most likely will not be camping this summer with the little one. From there we made our way to the Champlain Mall to shop for a little while longer and enjoy the air conditioning before our drive home. We made one stop on the way home at the Confederation Bride for some pictures. Three different people offered to take a picture of our whole family but we politely declined. I just wish my husband could start taking some better pictures of me with the baby since I actually try to take good pictures of him and the baby, *eye roll. It was a lovely day and I am always so happy to spend quality time with my boys.

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