Monday, February 24, 2014

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I left home Thursday the 20th around 1pm.  It had been snowy in the morning and I was pretty hesitant about being on the roads, but according to all of the highway webcams that I checked, I was in for a safe trip.  I did have a little scare driving into the toll section in Nova Scotia.  I was passing a truck close to the toll booths and I could not see the lane very well when I had decided to pass the truck.  When I was mid-way past the truck, there was a large patch of snow that I had to drive through which was a little scary.  I don't think Ella the Echo liked it too much but we made it into Cole Harbour around 4:30 safe and sound.  I was so happy to drive into down!  I get to drive right up the hill that the Temple is on.  I was also happy seeing the temple knowing I would go inside the next day!

All of the Pinsent kids were happy to see me and we relaxed for most of the night.  Some of the kids had been out, but later in the evening Victoria, Hannah and I went to get some doughnuts from Tim Hortons.  It may be a little new tradition that we have, getting doughnuts when I'm around.  When I am home I just never think of going to Tim Hortons for one.  We also got some Hot Chocolate, because it is Roll up the Rim!  [as a side note, we had 4/8 wins all weekend!].  I won a game of cheat!  We read scriptures before we went to bed so that the kids could be up for school early.  I was kind of a little Mom for the weekend.  It was fun and I just love these kiddies!

Friday was kind of a funny day because I didn't know what to do!  I got up and helped the kids get a little ready for school.  By the time Victoria and Emma were getting ready though I had fell back asleep.  When I did wake up, I decided to just lounge around and I read some talks in some ensign magazines.  I decided that I would go out and do something in the afternoon I just wasn't sure as to what, and then Granny [Nichla's mom] called to take me to lunch!  It was so sweet of her.  She said she was looking to get out of the house too.  She came and picked me up and drove us down to Eastern Passage.  I had fish and chips and she had fish cakes and beans.  It was so nice to talk with her and get to know her better.  She is the sweetest lady!  We also saw a big moose and Granny said cheese for a selfie.  She's cute!

After lunch we took a longer drive home and again, it was just so nice to talk to her and hear stories about some wonderful things she has experienced.  She is an amazing lady.  She dropped me off at home, and again I just puttered around getting a couple things cleaned around the house.  Before the kids got home, I decided to be lazy again and just watch some of the Olympics in bed.  When the kids got home from school we started some dinner and then I got ready to go to Institute and the Temple.  From there, it was a lovely evening.  Institute was good, Brother Cartier teachers and he is so much fun! I really enjoyed when he was in Charlottetown to teach us a couple of weeks ago.  After Institute, a group of us went over to the Temple to do baptisms/confirmations.  I loved being in the Temple and I felt the spirit so strongly when I was there!  I can feel that there are changes ahead in my life, so it was nice to feel the peace and comfort that I did when I was in the Lord's house.  By the end of the night, there was just myself and two other girls getting ready to leave the Temple.  I knew both of them from previous times I have been in Halifax.  It was nice to spend some time with them getting to know them a little better.  The best thing about them, is that they have pretty great names!  They are so sweet.  Alissa is getting married really soon and I am super happy for her!  I also admire Alyssa's pink streak, I have wanted to do it for so long but I have been too scared to!  She has inspired me a little bit but I still don't think I am bold enough to do it.  I am glad she is though!

Alyssa Tegge, Alyssa Fraser and Alissa Harker!  [three 'al(y)(i)ssa amigos!]


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