Monday, February 24, 2014

saturday! saturday, saturday!

Saturday the 22nd was a wonderful day!  We spent the morning being a little lazy and taking our time to get ready.  The girls really needed it though it had been a long week and everyone was really missing Mom and Dad at this point.  We had planned on going Prom dress shopping in the afternoon.  I can't believe Victoria is graduating this year!  It has been so fun to watch my lovely ladies [Rachel, Kayla, Victoria] grow up and go to Prom and all that jazz.  They are all so beautiful too!  I was happy to be a part of this first time trying on dresses.  By the end of the afternoon I knew Victoria was feeling super pretty and happy that she got to play "dress up" for part of the day.  She also found some strong contenders for her Prom in June.  Her boyfriend Eli will help her out with the final decision, and I know he will pick a great one!  I love these girls and I had a blast driving around the Halifax Regional Municipality with them.  Yeah, that's right.  We were just about all over.  We started at a store in Dartmouth, 'Always and Forever', and then got lost on the way looking for one in Downtown Dartmouth.  So while we were 'lost' [well, we were not really lost, but we were heading towards Sackville at this point] and I remembered a store I had seen listed that was in Lower Sackville.  After a stop and some google maps, we found 'Alyssa's Formals' [oh, hey what a great name again!].  From there, we planned on finding our way home and getting lost again somewhat on the way.  However, this time we ended up right where we wanted to be!  We found the spot in Downtown Dartmouth, Karma Design, that we had been looking for!  We spotted it and decided to take some photos by the bridge and then go back (I will admit, I almost didn't want to go back but I am glad we did).  Victoria had the most luck there so hopefully they can go back soon and make the final decision!

When we got home, Jared came over to hang out with us.  It is so nice to have him back.  He is like a big brother to me and it was great to have him around.  Hannah was just over the moon with him around and they had a lot of fun.  We made some dinner and ate before going to the mall.  Originally, it was not the plan for all of us to go to the mall, but Jared decided to tag along and keep Hannah company!  It was so sweet of him.  We did a little bit of looking around.  Forever 21 opened in the Mic Mac Mall, and it was nice to look but there was so much stuff I didn't bother looking into shopping all the much.  I did spend some more time in the accessories and bought a chunky gold chained necklace.  We snacked on some Timbits and Orange Julius smoothies before heading home.  Jared, Hannah, Luke and I watched Hunger Games and then I drove Jared home.  He's such a great guy and it sure is wonderful to have him home.  He was such a great missionary and although I know he is missing it a lot, there are some great opportunities in store for him!

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Maia Bruce said...

Bahahaahha ok so the picture of Jared and the timbits killed me. After my first date ever my mom put Jared (my date) in the trunk with a giant box of timbits and was like "enjoy the ride". I was mortified. hahahah