Friday, February 28, 2014

peace out February

Wow, so February is almost over.  I like that it went by so fast but now that means I only have just over a month left of school and so much work left to be done!  I am optimistic that it will all get done in due time, but I am more than ready to finish up this semester.  It has been such a great learning experience!  I have also been working at least once a week as casual which has helped out a lot.  I hope I can work a lot more once I am done classes too.  I need to save save save money.  My trip to Halifax was great, but it was not really as budgeted as it should have been.  I should save a little bit extra once I start working more for some long-term goals and commitments that are ahead.

February was a great month though.  I think the most exciting thing was the birth of little Cecelia Kate.  The whole Pinsent/Persson family is super excited to have her.  I am happy that I will get to watch her grow over the years.  February was also great for school and snow.  We got a lot of snow... Like I said, school is great and I could not be happier with my courses and even my assignments.  I got a 94% on my sociological midterm paper.  Just one more to write and then I am done of Sociological Theory Forever!  I am pretty excited about it.  It has been a challenging, but insightful course.  I spent a lot of time at home this month which has been nice.  I did go out for a pubcrawl earlier in the month, and I saw a movie with Casey over the winter break called 'Endless Love'.  Kayla and I make some stops here and there during the week and we always manage to have fun wherever we are.  There was a night during my winter break when we were home and we were just laughing so much, and I can't even remember what we were laughing at.  I just love spending time with her and I will miss her a lot when she leaves on her Intership in New Glasgow later in March!

I got to go some volunteer work in the month of February which was great and I look forward to doing some more whenever I can.  I really enjoy helping out in various ways.  I have also been able to attend Institute each week and I have continued to knit.  I finished a scarf and I started another one, but it didn't work out very well the first time so I have started it again and maybe I'll be done sooner rather than later.  I hope it starts to get warmer in the month of March.  I love spring, when everything starts to feel fresh and new.  The cold is starting to make me very sad.  I don't mind the snow so much any more but I will be happy when it is gone.  I hope I can get out snowboarding one more time.  It was a lot of fun in January with Amanda, so if we could get out one more time maybe I will be good enough to go with Haig sometime when he gets home!

So on a last note, I miss that boy a lot.  My heart just races at the fact that he will be home in about 6 months.  It is such a bittersweet concept at this point because he loves his mission so much, but we are ready to have him home.  He is doing really well though and he just loves doing the Lord's work.  He loves Duluth, Minnesota and all that he has been able to do there.  I don't get to see him or hear from him every day, but I know that every day he grows and that he accomplishes great things.   I just miss him, and I am ready to have him home but I will love the fact that he will complete a two year mission and Return with Honour in September.  He is so wonderful like that.  

What a sweet month-

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