Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunday in Cole Harbour

My last full day in Cole Harbour was Sunday.  We got up and ready for church which luckily didn't start until 11:30 so we got to watch most of the Gold Medal Hockey Game.  I just love that Canada takes over in Hockey.  I am proud to be Canadian and watched both Men's and Women's' teams take home gold.  We went to church,  During sacrament meeting I read some scriptures as I was somewhat dazing off during the talks.  After that meeting, I just spent some time in the halls during Sunday School and then I went to Relief Society with Granny.  After church, the kids and I went home and we all snacked on pretzels with cream cheese and hot dogs.  After that and an unfortunate series of events, the girls and I made our way to Rainbow Haven for a walk.  It was a lovely afternoon.  I was in Nova Scotia the end of last March and now this year, just a month before the weather was no different!  It was a little colder by the water, but I was happy none-the-less.  We did bundle up so we wouldn't get too cold, and I felt just right in what I had worn.  I wish the sneakers I had tucked away in my trunk were not wet [not sure how that happened], because it was not easy to walk on the rocks in ugg boots.  It was a lovely little walk and the perfect way to spend the afternoon and the last bit of my time there.  We went home and made breakfast for dinner.  I made cinnamon French toast for the first time and it was pretty yummy!  In the evening, we mostly did our own thing.  I spent some time texting some friends while Emma and Hannah watched a movie, Victoria was on the phone and Luke was playing a game on his iPod.  Over the weekend, I missed the rest of the family a lot.  As a group of them were celebrating the birth of baby Cecelia out West, we were home and didn't hear too much from them.  I also missed Haig a lot as mentioned.  I remember one moment in particular when I just sat on the bathroom floor for a couple minutes just thinking about everything that has happened over the past 18 months. In those moments however, I was so grateful for this wonderful family in my life that I have come to know even better and love even more without Haig here.  I only saw Mom and Dad for a little bit when we were up and getting ready for school on Monday morning.  I had to leave early too because it was suppose to start to snow on my drive home [it never did].  I know they had a lovely trip and I could just see how much they love being Grandparents!  I had a nice drive home even though I couldn't do any singing because Nova Scotia made me sick for the like 3rd time.  Nova Scotia air/weather don't hate me so much because I love you a lot!

until next time,
XO, Lyssa      

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