Tuesday, May 20, 2014

a wedding

My cousin Daniel got married on May 17th 2014.  His beautiful bride is Katie.
I have not seen Daniel in about 10 years, and it didn't even feel like a day had passed.
He has a very busy weekend, and we didn't get to talk much, but I enjoyed hearing all about what's going on with his work, and his home with Katie from other family members and friends.
The wedding was at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum.  We got to walk around the grounds before the wedding started.  It was a neat little place and I would really love to see it in peak season.  There was one man working in the Printing Press and he very much enjoyed telling us all about the evolution of print.  It was so interesting and you could just tell how much he loved his job and how interested he was about the subject.
We gathered in the historical church for the wedding.  It was a nice ceremony.  Scriptures were read and vows were made.  Families smiled and Daniel's nephew Adrian kept everyone giggling for most of the time.

&&&& They became Husband and Wife!

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Helen said...

Nice post. Yes, that's the only bad thing about a wedding not much time to sit and chat.