Wednesday, May 7, 2014

day with the girls

On Saturday morning/afternoon I had a little outing with the Pinsent girls.  I took them out to Dartmouth crossing.  I can't really remember why we wanted to go, but we were happy that we did.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect to walk the little strip mall.  We made a stop at the bank so I could get some money out for the evening.  We also took a look at the new Marshall's store, which is basically a glorified Winners, if not very close to the same thing.  We also went into Ardene and Garage.  It wasn't until we got to icing* (claire's) that we all got very lucky. They had a clearance sale on.  All clearance jewellery, hair accessories and make-up was all $2 each.  We were all pretty happy and we spent about an hour in the store collecting some goodies.  After we were finished, I needed to have some lunch so we went to Subway.  

I wanted to take some pictures with the girls, so we stopped at Morris Lake.  It was nice and sunny outside and lots of people were around fishing or playing catch with their dog.  We just stayed to take a couple of photos but I could have stayed longer just to relax and chat with the girls.  Maybe next visit we will plan a picnic date!  When we got home, we anxiously awaited the arrival of Katherine and Cecelia.  Once they got home with Mom and Dad, Luke made some hamburgers for dinner before Victoria and I went off to City and Colour!

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