Thursday, May 8, 2014


After all the excitement of Katherine and Cecelia coming home, we still had one more exciting thing to do.  GO TO CITY AND COLOUR.  We decided to drive over because dad had a parking pass for Scotia square which is very close to the metro centre. It worked out perfectly once we were over there, but I was a little nervous to drive.  I had fun though, and especially on the bridge for the first time.  Victoria also did a good job at giving me directions.  Getting out of the parkade was a little harder after the concert, but we were close to the front so we got out pretty quickly.  

We also didn't wait in line for too long once we got there, and we realized we probably could have stayed at home just a little longer, but we waited for the opening act to come on.  I got a City and Colour shirt at the merchandise table.  I really like it!  I'm super happy I was with Victoria because we can always find stuff to talk about.  I had never heard of the opening act, but now I am happy that I have.  They are called 'half moon run' and they are pretty great.  I liked their lyrics and the genre of their music.  I will have to look into them a little more.  When it was time for City and Colour to start, the place was full and it was really exciting to be there in that moment.

From there, it was a pretty awesome show.  Dallas sang some of my favourite songs, and the highlight of my night was when he sang "I've been to Nova Scotia, Sydney to Halifax", and the audience just went insane!  He missed a couple of the songs that I was hoping he would sing, but I forgave him quickly because of his charm and whit.  At one point, he told everyone to hold up their phone or camera devices and put them up in their air, and of course you get the whole firefly effect.  And then he said "now, put them in your pocket!".  I am glad he took the time to connect with us and make the show as intimate as he could.  Towards the end, he asked us to stand up and I noticed some people moving to the front.  We were fairly close any ways, so we made our way up.  I was happy that the security didn't tell us to go back to our seats, but there was already so many people up there.  We enjoyed the rest of the show swaying to some lovely songs and for me, I just took it all in.  In those last moments, I felt grateful for my life and my unique experiences.  I felt shocked that I was there, and also with how far I've come with things in my life.  It was great to be there and feel that rush all at once. 
Oh, and then Victoria and I got McDonald's on the way home.  What an incredible night.   

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