Thursday, May 8, 2014

--family pictures--

On Sunday, we took some family pictures.  I suggested we all wear black, white and mint.  I knew mint would be a popular colour among the girls, but we did have some struggles trying to get ready Sunday morning.  Then what seemed to feel like a long afternoon at church, we made our way out to the Temple and asked Brother Cartier take a couple pictures of us all together.  We took some more here and there, and then may have gotten just a little carried away.  Cecelia baby was cold by the time we were done.  I love the 4 generation photo though, it is so sweet because these women are so wonderful and they inspire me.  When that photo was being taken, Katherine liked how crazy we all looked and captured a picture of us.  I didn't really know what everyone else was doing, so that's why I am the only one looking at the camera.  The boys just goofed around, but we loved it.  I love the girls that I am surrounded by in these pictures, they are so beautiful, wonderful and unique in their own ways.  I love the family's newest addition, little miss Cecelia Kate.  She is such a treat.  
I feel so blessed to have these people in my life.
We missed Elder Pinsent, Rachel and Eric, but we love them.
Christmas with all of them this year will hopefully be a lovely time.  

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