Thursday, May 8, 2014


I like Sundays at the Pinsents'.  We spend most of the day together, and I love doing that with these wonderful people.  Once we got home from church and pictures, we got ready to have some dinner.  It was more of a lunch style dinner, but I like those kinds of meals best.  We had delicious pulled pork, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, rolls and pickles.  We also had golden ginger ale, which I never had before.  It doesn't beat Canada Dry though!  Throughout the morning and afternoon, I got to snuggle with Cecelia.  We also got to spend some more time with Eli who is a lot of fun to be around.  Granny also had joined us for the meal and stayed for a little bit.  Auntie Sharon and Helen also came over for a little bit to meet and visit with Katherine and Cecelia.  I watched as a group of them played spoons, it was very entertaining.  

Later in the evening, when things had died down a little, Katherine wanted to take us to visit with some neighbours, Jim and Maureen, from their old neighbourhood.  We went to their new, and very lovely house.  We visited with them for a bit as a family, and then Katherine and I just stayed a little longer so that she could talk with Maureen a little more.  I was happy to stay and once we were home, all of the kids were in bed to sleep for school the next day.  

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