Friday, May 9, 2014

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I think my life is fairly fun and exciting.  From writing little notes to my missionary, to going to see Andy Brown at Hunters [FUN FACT- I saw Andy Brown pumping gas at Shell in Cole Harbour, when I was helping one of the family friends out to put air in a flat tire.  I freaked out just a little bit, but I was too shy to go up and say hello!].  

I finally watched one of my favourite movies one Sunday afternoon with my Mom and Sister.  It just reminds of how bright the future is, so I just need to, you know, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Emma was like the food queen when I was over.  The night we watched SpiderMan, I was starting to fall asleep, and I was a little hungry but too lazy to get anything from upstairs.  I was hoping Jared wasn't feeling the same way, because then I would have felt very rude for not offering anything.  Emma left for a little bit, and when she came back downstairs she literally had a plate of more than 8 pieces of bread and the jar of nutella.  It was perfect and it was the best snack to wake me back up.  Then on Friday night, she came home from a 30 hour famine at school with two boxes of pizza in tow.  Cheese Pizza at that... the best!  We ate that pizza.  Emma even ate some more for breakfast the next morning, that crazy girl I just love her.

Saturday May 3rd probably was one of the best days of this year, so far!  It sure did help that it was beautiful and sunny all day.  When we got home from some shopping in the afternoon, I took a wander outside, in bare feet at that.  I couldn't help but capture my happiness from the gorgeous weather and the night that was in store.  It seems like it was just yesterday when I booked my tickets for City and Colour, and I can remember when the countdown started at just over 100 days to go.  Now, it was at 0.  Around this time, my countdown until Haig gets home is just around 115 days, so we will really be able to see how fast time and the summer flies by. 

Last, but not least, little miss Cecelia and Me.  Katherine is such a great mommy.  I was so happy I could see her in her new and very much natural element.  She tells Cecelia very often how beautiful she is and how much she loves her.  I will be honest, sometimes when I couldn't stop smiling at this, I was really just bursting at the seams trying not to cry.  I really admire Katherine for how she has grown and the challenges she has overcome.  She also has a wonderful husband and I know how much they strive to have a happy life.  I am inspired by her.  Even though she may not think so, to me, she has a lot of confidence with being a new mother.  It probably really helps that Cecelia is such a wonderful baby.  I heard her cry once the whole weekend, and that was only because a toy fell on her head and scared her more than anything.  She knows how to smile for a camera and she has the most beautiful smile.  I think she looks a lot like a Pinsent, which means she will certainly and always be a beautiful girl.

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