Sunday, August 17, 2014

catch 22

As soon as I got off work at 2pm on Friday, I made my quick drive home and Mom and I quickly got in the car and on the road to Moncton!  It was a rainy and cloudy day on PEI, but as we drove into Moncton the skies cleared and it was beautiful and sunny.  We had a nice drive over and talked a lot, mostly because we hardly saw each other the past week.  There were a couple of days where I would see her off to work in the morning and then we would both work and I would go to school and she would be in bed by the time I got home.  It was a little sad.  So we had lots to talk about, work, the coming school year, Elder Pinsent's arrival home and things going on at home.  I should have been studying for my Final Exam, but heck with that.  I love some quality driving chats with my Mom!  We drove into Riverview first to meet my Aunts Maureen, Helen and Annette and my cousin Amber who were already visiting with my sweet Grandma.  She was pretty tired and didn't really register that my mother and I were there, but that's okay.  It was good to see everyone and she seemed happy.  We talked for awhile and got Grandma back to her room and sat with her for a bit.  We decided we would go for dinner to let her rest some more.  My aunts had already decided on a place down town that they wanted to try and so we tagged along.  It was fun to be in down town Moncton and see what it was like on a Friday night, and Acadian Day at that.  It was busy and exciting.  We found the restaurant 'Catch 22'.  The menu was mostly, if not all seafood.  I know I live on an Island, but I have not tired too much seafood, but I do love bacon wrapped scallops.  I also had rice and fresh vegetables with my meal, and although we were not too impressed with the service, my meal was divine.  I was in awe of all the flavours and how fresh everything was.  My tummy was truely happy.  Also, while we were waiting I saw the sister missionaries walking down the street and I ran out of the restuarant to give my sweet friend Sister-Breanna Mckinley Burton a hug!  I must have looked so silly but it was awesome and she enjoyed it.  After the meal, we went out seperate ways and Aunt Maureen left to go to catch her flight home.  Mom and I made a trip to wal-mart and Superstore before heading to our weekend accommodation.

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