Monday, August 11, 2014

we're getting there

as I posted this photo on facebook today, I got a number of replies of how I must be containing my excitement.  Well, let's just see here.  Work and school are still taking up the bulk of my time and take priority.  I do feel happier in the run of the day when I can take a couple extra minutes to think about what is going to happen in three weeks time when Haig comes home.  In my recent and open post, I talked a lot about the struggles and challenges I went though but also how grateful I was for this experience.  I had another one of those moments today and what really stood out the most was how much both of our testimonies have grown.  Some people won't understand it, but our testimonies grew together and they are becoming what we need them to be to have a successful relationship.  So amidst all the craziness that is still going on with work and school, I am very excited.  Don't get me wrong, I won't jump up and down and scream until it is actually happening, so don't be disappointed if I don't appear to be as excited as you think I should be.

He is really starting to pull on my heart strings too.  He has become such a softie, which I don't think he would be too happy about me saying that, but I love the sensitivity he has gained on his mission and I love how he can put it into words and make me feel exactly how he is feeling.  Like today he talked about how a part of his heart will always be in Minnesota.  When he said that I felt the exact same way, even though for me it is a place that I have never been, seen or experienced.  I feel our roots there though, and that is all that matters.

On the life side of things, work is going well.  It provides me with a good balance of gaining new skills, meeting new people and getting some personal and school work done too.  I feel like I have not seen my friends in forever, but I did have a good movie night with Casey and Chelsey this past Friday night and it was great to have Emily home the weekend before that.  This week will be busy and then I will be heading to Moncton for the weekend to visit with my Aunts and Grandmother.  I am also hoping to do some shopping, this whole picking an outfit for the airport is hard!  I am pretty set on one right now, but any article of clothing that I might happen to fall in love with could change it all.  We'll see what happens!

As for now, I am heading to bed.  I have got a lot to accomplish this week, just look at me go.

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