Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday: beach bums

Kayla took the shuttle home very early in the morning, but I decided it would be best to get up and ready for the day from there. I texted Laura for a bit, I am so thankful she was on night shifts those early mornings that I couldn't sleep and had no one else to talk to.  Haig and I did some relaxing in the morning and then took a walk downtown Dartmouth and went to value village.  We also had some fish and chips at John's Lunch, one of our favorites.  We got home when the kids were arriving home from school and it was such a gorgeous day it had been decided that we were going to the beach.  Haig had said earlier that he wasn't really planning on swimming, but I am sure happy he changed his mind.  I did not intend on getting my hair wet.  I am such a girly girl sometimes.  Once I had taken off my dress and went in the water for a little bit, I got out and just sat on the beach for a little bit.  Watching Haig swim with Luke, Hannah and Dad made me realize I needed to be out there.  I could do my hair again, but I wouldn't ever be able to have that moment again.

Once we were all tired, we went home and got in some comfier clothes and watched Iron Man 3 with the family.  My hair dried, I fell asleep on Haig while watching the movie, but it was sort of on purpose.  He brings me peace, joy and happiness.  The days were busy and long to tell the truth.  It was so nice to be back together, but my mind was still on an emotional roller coaster.  I cried everyday, sometimes because I was just so happy and it felt so right to be near him again.

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