Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dubtastic at Olde Dublin Pub

On Friday night, Haig and I had what might be our first dinner date since he got home from serving his mission! Crazy right. The months have just flown by and with a move and marriage, we just haven't had time to go to a nice restaurant and have a meal together. 

But then, April came along and it was time to treat ourselves to a night out together and partake in something that we love; burger love. April is such a glorious month on Prince Edward Island, when thousands of Islanders devour ounces upon ounces of wonderful local Island beef and support our farmers and restaurants. After a tricky debate, we decided that we would go to the Dublin. 

I love the Dublin restaurant. Haig has never been and he liked the atmosphere too, especially watching some golf on the big screen. It was like our waitress read our minds when she asked if we were there for the burger (although I am sure we are not the only ones she could read). April becomes such a lovely month full of burger lovers coming together.  

Olde Dublin Pub 

7 oz. Island Beef
Candied Maple Bacon
Caramelized Onions with Jalapenos
Chili Gouda
ODP Spinach Dip
Romaine Lettuce
Hickory Sticks 
Toasted Cheese Kaiser with Garlic Butter
Deep Fried Risotto Ball & Cherry Tomato Slice

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I gave the Dubtastic  a 9/10. It was so cheesy that I want to write it a love song.

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