Friday, April 3, 2015

we finally have internet

We finally have the internet at our apartment and I am pretty happy about it. It is nice to be able to be able to see what our friends and family are up to on social media and also stay in touch through messaging and skype. Haig’s mom started a Facebook group for our Pinsent Family and although no one has posted much on it yet, it has been a nice reminder that although we are all scattered across the country, we are always thinking of each other. A week or so ago, Haig called Rachel and it was so nice to hear her voice. She is doing really well and I am looking forward to seeing her next month. Having the internet will also help us to start planning for our wedding reception that is next month. Pinterest has been super helpful in gathering ideas, but looking for this inspiration for those ideas at my local craft and thrift stores has not been so great. I am going to Value Village about once a week now to see if I can find anything I like for the reception. We really need to take a drive out to our venue soon, my community hall, to see what we have to work with and what we can really do to make the place to our liking. I think everything will come together nicely though, and so I have been trying hard to focus on some other more important things.
Having the internet now also means that I really need to find full time work for summer leading into the fall. I have been applying for a lot of different jobs, and so far I have had two unsuccessful interviews, but I am still determined to find something. Well, actually, I have to find something. I am really excited to be done school and to work. Working for me means that I will have consistency, that I will be learning new skills and gaining new experiences in the workforce. Whether I find a job that is related to my field of interest or not, I just want to work and I know I will enjoy my job if I continue to work hard to find one.

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