Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Waterton The Great

When things were not so busy on Thursday afternoon, after a morning and early afternoon of preparing for the wedding and planning for Rachel's bachelorette party that evening, Haig and I snuck away to go to Waterton. I have wanted to go to Waterton for such a long time now. I would have to say Laura introduced me to Waterton. With her love of adventures I must have seen one of her photos there first some time ago. I don't know much about Alberta tourism, but I think everyone needs to go here. When we got out, I wasn't really sure where we should go, or where would be the best spot to take some photos. We drove up to the Prince of Wales Hotel, and I didn't exactly realize that the "best" photo spot was right behind it. We kept driving down into the little village, but I knew we didn't have a lot of time to get out and look around. I just wanted to find the perfect spot. I also felt pretty bad that Haig was driving us because we were driving our friend Michelle's car which is a standard and Haig hasn't driven one in awhile. 

I decided that I wanted to go back up to the hotel. Luckily we found parking. When we walked up the steps of the hotel, I could tell through the huge windows that the spot I had been looking for was suddenly right in front of me. We raced around towards the back of the hotel and we found the spot I had been looking for. It was so perfect! We took some pictures and stood at the top in complete awe of what we were taking in. I loved every second of it. We walked around a little bit, and I was very excited when I found a path to walk down to the rocks. I don't think we exactly learned from our PEI camping experience because we were not prepared to hike down and back up the steep embankment, but we did it anyways. We had to. It was right there in front of us, and we will probably never be there again. Once we got down, I took my sandals off and walked in the cold glacier water. I felt peace and happiness as we walked hand in hand, appreciating this moment and our life together. 

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Helen said...

If you ever get back to Alberta, Lake Louise is even prettier. Hard to imagine, I know.