Wednesday, August 19, 2015

comparison is the thief of joy

Recently, I have been pretty disappointed with social media and blogging. Seeing what other people are doing on social media sometimes made me sad. I can't even find time to blog most of the time so you can imagine how I might feel when I saw that so and so's husband bought her flowers, or that super cute couple is on their honeymoon in Europe. I am a little envious of the posts of cute outfits, a clean apartment, a day spent at the beach or a date night with your close girlfriends.
My husband has bought be flowers maybe three times in the past 5 years. Mostly for holidays and birthdays. Flowers only last about a week or so anyways. We've never been to Europe together and probably won't be for a very long time. I seriously do not know where I would find the time in a week to dress up into different outfits to take pictures to post for everyone else to see. Our apartment is sweet and simple, and occasionally I will share simple things that I make or do at my home. My husband and I both work Monday-Friday, eight AM - five PM sort of deal so you probably won't be seeing us spending the whole day at the beach together. Date night with my close girlfriends is a challenge. I love them and all the hard work that they do, and I also value that they like to spend time with their significant others and family members. 
I was reading 10 Things Women In Their Twenties Need to Stop Worrying About when I came across this statement: 
The truth is, most of us only share the exciting, positive, ~glamorous~ things we're doing, and often we're rose-tinting our lives for the benefit of onlookers.

I realized the truth in this statement. We post the things we want other people to see on facebook/instagram/blogs because they are exciting, wonderful and thrilling. We don't do it to make other people jealous, but sometimes that is what happens. I am tired, exhausted actually of comparing my posts to the others that I see on these platforms. 
Another lovely lady I know found herself in a similar situation of "comparing herself to other moms on Instagram" shared that

'comparison is the thief of joy' 
With all of these statements lining up with how I was feeling about social media in my own life, I realize that I need to change the way I see things. I need to realize that people post what they want the world to see. We all do. We need to realize that these posts are just a glimpse of someone's life. No one is trying to make me jealous of their new watch, trip abroad or spending time with their friends. I just need to realize that we are all submerged in this idea of capturing the best moment and posting it for everyone else to see. I want to fall in love with my own life and keep some of those best moments to myself. I want to commit myself to posting less of the "ideal", "glamorous" and "exciting" moments. I would like to commit others to do this as well. 

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