Saturday, September 26, 2015

golfing at Peakes

Haig loves this golf course that he learned about this summer. It's called Peakes Tee. It is about 30 minutes from our apartment in Peakes, PEI. He likes it because they have a great course for a really amazing price! They also have a sweet little diner that we ate at the first time we went out. We decided we needed to go out before the weather got too cold! We also knew we wouldn't have another free weekend for awhile. We started his first round at 11:00am-ish and then we ate some crossiants and apples we brought with us, and he finished up his second round at about 1:30pm (it's only a 9 hole golf course and $20 to play it twice!).

I hope you had lots of fun golfing this summer my husband. I hope we can get you out some more next summer, maybe a golf gift for Christmas this year... ;)

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